Morgana’s Photography

Welcome to my photo blog. Here you will find an online gallery of my work from 2001-2020. Going through two decades of photos hasn’t been easy but I hope to be able to get a new collection up once a month or so. To get the full experience, it’s best to view in browser so that you can access the menu.

My first gallery is of my dog, Sunny. She’s adorable and I’ve always thought she’d be the perfect dog for pet companies. I started with Sunny because she also has a blog, so I’ve already got a head start on organizing her photos.

This link will take you straight to my first series:

The black and white photo featured on my blog is from a series I’ll be putting together in the future. It’s one of my favorites, but it’s also one of the hardest. I want to do all of my photos justice and present them in the best way I can.

My subject matter is of the banal. For the most part, I shoot straight photography, with as little post processing as possible.

From the beginning, a lot of people didn’t feel comfortable with me and my camera. In order to respect them and not share their identity, I got into the habit of shooting things like their shoes, their hands, and their stuff. So, you’ll see a lot of those kinds of photos in my online gallery.

Thanks for visiting my photo blog and check out my other stuff too.

Hidden In Plain View – My main blog where I talk about my current art endeavors or whatever catch’s my interest.

Sunny’s Blog – All about Sunny because the world revolves around her. This is where I show most of my Sunny photography.

My Instagram – I’m experimenting with phone photography, which is something I’ve never really done before.

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